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Oliver Brix

Oliver Brix
Private Seminars 2020

Last year, like also in the years before, more and more
Dental Laboratories have shown  interest in private seminars,
to be held in the laboratory itself.

 Soonest!  Starting year 2020, we want to make
available for you  - such private seminars
to answer your valued interest in this field.

Compared to public courses, held in the training center,
these private seminars offer several advantages:

Up to 9 technicians can attend.
No hotel costs and travel expenses for the participants.
The crew of the laboratory is always present in
the lab (in case of emergencies suddenly occuring).

The fee of the 2-days intensive-course is € 6,000.--
plus travel- and hotel costs for Mr. Brix.

Please contact us by e-mail to inform about for booking schedules:


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