I n t e r n a t i o n a l  T r a i n i n g   C e n t e r

Oliver Brix


Ceramic restorations in its highest perfection

 In his seminars which he holds  in many countries since several years,

  Oliver Brix provides the techniques to reach and achieve the aimed perfection,

to enable the dental technician to offer patients more than only the usual standard.

In order to
serve and answer the increasing demand for seminars and lectures, the

-  International Training Center
Oliver Brix

was recently founded.

The seminars focus on intensive training
. Therefore, the maximum

number of attendees is limited to 6 people.  

This kind of training, comparable
to a private teaching, gives the participant the

assurance and confidence to be able to apply immediately in his

practical work the techniques taught.

The seminars currently offered are structured in the categories:

The art of Layering
Fascination Veneers

Anterior design

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