I n t e r n a t i o n a l  T r a i n i n g   C e n t e r

Oliver Brix

The art of layering

I n t e n s i v e  s e m i n a r

Ceramic Restorations that cannot be distinguished
from natural teeth are increasingly in demand and desired by
both dentists and patients as well.

The challenge to match nature perfectly, to recreate 
the right color, and, to achieve restorations on the
highest aesthetical level possible, is a very complex task.

This seminar provides all the relevant methods
to achieve all the parameters necessary.

The goal of the master course is to reconstruct upper
anteriors in three different ways. Special mixtures of
colors are explained thoroughly, as well as how to
use them.

The different techniques also include the one-bake-technique
as well as two different methods of basic firing with
internal coloration and charcterization.

Ahead of the seminar each participant will be provided with
an upper model with prepaired 11 + 21.
Using a checklist, 3 copings will be manufactured,
preferably in:

Translucent, colorless Zirconium

IPS E.MAX Press, MO 0 or LT BL3


The seminar

Presentation "The Art of Layering"

Introduction to the possibilities with All-ceramic    
Naturalistic coloring

Controlling absorption and reflection adjustments for different  translucencies
iring instructions

Shaping and coloring by additive build-up techniques
Creating physiologic interproximal spaces
Imitation of natural surface textures
Glaze - correction firing  

Polishing to optimize the degree of  glaze

Professional requirements

This seminar is designed for ceramists with
well-founded skills in ceramics.

Duration of seminar: 2 days

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